Read It Again

Unbroken     is one of my all-time favorite books!

Unbroken is one of my all-time favorite books!

Think about how many times you’ve watched your favorite movie. Now think about how many times you've read your favorite book.

You know how your favorite movie is even better the second time? You notice things you missed the first time and you catch more of the foreshadowing. You pick up great lines that you had forgotten, and by the end you love the movie even more, right? Well, I’ve noticed that this phenomenon is even more magnified with books. A good book becomes incredible the second time you read it. That’s because sometimes our minds drift while we read, or we’re rushing through it and aren’t really digesting everything that our eyes take in.

You wouldn’t discover an amazing food and never eat it again, or hear a great song and be content to never hear it again. Approach books the same way. Find the ones you love and then suck the marrow out of them. Read them as many times as you watch your favorite movie.

So pick up your favorite book this summer and rediscover why you like it so much.

Unplug From Comfort

Are you hooked on comfort? Do you experience withdraws if you don’t have a hot shower, a soft bed, and a 70 degree house? 

I think a lot of men would hate to admit it, but they’re hooked on easy living. Let’s admit it, we’re all living the good life. We get irritable if we’re even a little bit hungry, or if we don’t get to watch our favorite sport on a huge screen. Don’t get me wrong, I love every single thing that I’ve listed above:  food, hot water, soft bed, etc. But I’m not in denial about it, and I’m admitting that there’s a problem. That’s the first step, right?

So why does this matter? This matters because if you can’t live without something then it owns you. If you’re addicted to your creature comforts then you’ve allowed them to be your master. 

Maybe the reason we love to go hiking and camping is because in rejecting modern technologies and comforts – even if only for a weekend – we regain a little bit of our freedom. We tell our stuff that it doesn’t own us. And man, does the air smell sweeter when you’re free! 

Bad Math

Everything that we choose to do or say adds up. We all know that if we want to save money then we have to choose not to spend it all. Sounds simple, right? But that same concept also applies to our physical health and the quality of our relationships.

For example: It’s bad math to think that overeating (and drinking), + not exercising regularly will = being healthy. We can’t be healthy role models for our kids if these simple choices don’t add up.

It's also bad math to think that keeping secrets + telling lies will ever = a good relationship with your wife. It just doesn’t add up.

Some men are trying not to think about the sum at the bottom of their ledger. But the numbers don’t lie. If your marriage feels like it’s crumbling, or you consistently over spend your budget, you need to take a look at your small, daily choices, because they all add up.

Start framing each decision as a line item that either adds to or subtracts from your goals. Add up everything you do or say and see exactly what it equals. Then exercise, invest, communicate and date like your life depends on it.