Tap Out


When I first started martial arts I’d hold out as long as I could before tapping out. That resulted in a lot of days with a really sore arm or throat. When you are in a chokehold or an arm bar the best thing that you can do is tap out early. Trying to stay as long as you can in a bad situation will only result in pain and injury.

Sometimes life gets us in a choke hold, too. There are a lot of people with emotional and financial scars of regret because they didn’t tap out when they should have.

As soon as you realize that your girlfriend is not the one for you, or you picked the wrong major, or you’re with the wrong crowd, or your job is crushing your soul - tap out!

The sooner you stop going down the wrong path the better. Tap out early and stop wasting your time and money on pointless endeavors and unhealthy relationships. Save your fighting spirit for things that truly matter.

You don’t get any points in life for seeing how long you can stay in a bad situation.

My Marriage Counseling


Let’s face it, no one wants to go to counseling. It means we need help, and we like to think we can fix our own problems. But let’s be honest – there are some things we can’t do by ourselves.

We all have certain things that we outsource to professionals. Like overhauling a transmission or removing a giant oak tree that’s growing 10 feet from our house. Sometimes you need the help of a pro who specializes in that one thing and has the very specific tools required.

My truck and my house are too important to risk tinkering around with them myself. It would be foolish of me not to hire a pro.

Same goes for marriage. It’s too important not to hire a pro.

The specialized tools of a counselor are their outside perspective of where you are and their insight into where you’re headed. Much like needing a GPS when you’re lost, you need a counselor when your marriage seems lost.

Personally, going to counseling was one of my best moves. It saved my marriage, it showed me a better path, and it ultimately changed the trajectory of the lives of everyone in my family.

Healthy Water


How well do you think a trout would do living in nasty water clouded with fast-food wrappers and cigarette butts? It might eke out an existence but it definitely couldn’t thrive. It couldn’t live as it was designed.

Your soul is like that trout, and your body is the water in which it lives. Fitness isn’t just something for jocks and narcissists; fitness is important for your soul.

Cleaning up the waters of our daily life means cutting out the junk food and exercising daily our cardio, muscles, endurance, and speed. Not just for the sake of our body, but because our body is where our soul resides. We do it to give our soul the healthiest possible dwelling place.

With a body and soul that are both healthy and thriving we are able to positively influence those around us. We’ll breathe easier, sleep better, and be in a better position to help others.

Fitness is a free gift we should all give to our soul.