Breaking Great


What's holding you back from greatness? Is there a false story you tell yourself, like “I’m not good at that”? Is there something insidious in your life that’s wasting your time and energy? Maybe you’re keeping those false stories or unhealthy behaviors around as a safety net. They keep you safe and comfortable in exchange for a life of mediocrity.  

If you abandoned them and went “all in” to achieve greatness then you’d have no excuse if you failed. It’s that fear of failing without a good excuse that keeps most people tied to their false stories and unhealthy habits.  

Imagine if you ditched all of the junk in your life and went “all in” to pursue greatness?You’d stop allowing shame to control you, stop blaming others, end that unhealthy relationship, reach out for real help in that one area you don’t like to talk about, and actually start doing all that stuff that you know deep down inside you should be doing.

Three years ago I went “all in.” My marriage drastically improved, and I discovered a calling towards a new career. Find out what’s waiting for you when you decide to break great.

Sheepdogs IV: Be Prepared


One characteristic of sheep is that they’re unprepared for storms or disasters. Sheep flock to the store and fight over the last loaf of bread. The sheepdog already has nonperishable food, bottled water, and cash tucked away so that he can safely observe the riots on TV instead of in person.

We live in a period of abundance. But this luxury could screech to a halt at any time. It would be wise to store up during these years of plenty. You probably have money set back for emergencies, so why not food and water?

I’m not suggesting hording supplies like a crazy person. But you should be able to comfortably weather a storm without a mad dash into the fray of a panicked grocery store. Being a man means being prepared.

Being well stocked on emergency supplies doesn't make you a "prepper" any more than having a toolbox in your house makes you a mechanic.

I’ve actually heard men say that they’ve got a friend with enough food or guns for both of them. That’s how sheep think. Your family is counting on you. Hopefully, you’re not counting on a guy down the street. Don’t outsource protecting your family.

Strong dads make strong families, and strong families make a strong nation.

Sheepdogs III: Wives & Guns

I know men who don’t own a firearm simply because their wife is afraid of guns.

If your wife were afraid of water would you forbid your entire family from ever going to the pool? Or would you teach them how to swim?

You should have a healthy respect for the dangers of water, but you should also learn to swim in it, because it’s a skill that might save your life someday.

The same is true for guns. A man who doesn’t own a gun simply because his wife is afraid of them isn’t helping anyone. He’s allowing fear, rather than logic, to rule. He’s enabling her phobia.

Sheep are afraid of fangs because they associate them with wolves. But disarming the sheepdog is not the right answer.

As men it’s our job to protect our family from evil people. And evil people do exist.

If your wife is afraid to have a gun in the house, respect her feelings, but ask her to also respect your role as sheepdog. And as for that water analogy, inform your wife that swimming pools are far more deadly than firearms.

When it comes to protecting your family – follow your sheepdog instincts.