Confront the Mess

I know some hoarders. They always need another garage or shed for things they don’t use because they filled up their basement years ago.

I’ve noticed over the years how their amount of stuff has grown at the same rate as the dysfunction in their family. It’s like their possessions and relationship problems both grow from the same root. Panic attacks have tried to get their attention, but still they sweep it all under the rug and pretend that everything is fine.

People who won’t deal with their mountains of possessions certainly aren’t going to confront their messy relationship issues either.

When we ignore the messes in our life they'll come bubbling out in other forms like anxiety or work addiction. We’ll keep ourselves busy so we won’t have to confront the lumps under our rug, but our bodies aren’t designed to contain that kind of internal stress. It will eat away at us and demand our attention.

When we clean out the junk in our attics and initiate those difficult conversations we’ve been avoiding we’ll rediscover what it’s like to be cheerful and lighthearted. When we roll back the rug we take back our life.

A GORUCK Heavy: Fit vs Tough

It’s called a GORUCK Heavy, and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Harder than an Ironman triathlon.

Simply put, it’s a 24-hour event where you carry heavy things a long way. Between 30-80 pounds for roughly 40 miles. It was physically demanding, and those last four hours were mentally grueling.

Here’s what it taught me…

There’s a big difference between fit and tough. You can be really fit without being tough, but you cannot be really tough without also being fit. Fit is physical; it’s the building block that starts things. Tough is mental; it’s what finishes them.

Tough doesn’t make excuses, it just keeps moving forward. Fit had quit by hour 13. Tough kept going even after the skin came off its toes. 

Tough crushes fit.

But a GORUCK event is also a lot of fun. Each event is run by U.S. Special Forces professionals who somehow get you laughing and embracing the suck.

If you’re looking for that next-level challenge, or you want to see how tough you are, I highly recommend a GORUCK event. The company claims that it will make you a better American. I can assure you that it’ll make you a tougher one!


Consistency Counts


Getting fit and saving money have a lot in common.

Saving money from just one paycheck per year will not prepare you for retirement. It takes consistently saving small amounts over a long period of time to reach your goals. They don’t have to be large sums; they just have to be made consistently whether you feel like it or not. Small deposits made consistently will change your future.

Likewise, doing one really big workout per week will not get you in shape. It takes consistently working out a little each day whether you feel like it or not. Small workouts done regularly will change your future.

Compound interest works for fitness the same way it works with money.  The small deposits that we make over a long period of time add up in a huge way.

So workout when you have a cold, when the weather sucks, when you’re traveling, or when you only have 10 minutes. If we only workout (or save money) when it’s convenient then we will never reach our goals.

Consistently grinding out the reps and logging the miles will set you apart.  Keep making those deposits and you will change your future.