Your Mission

Do your ears perk up when someone says they’ve got a “mission” for you? I think there’s something in us that flips on like a switch when we’re given a “mission.” A secret mission? Even better! Something inside our soul longs to have a purpose, some sort of noble endeavor that we alone have been entrusted to carry out.

In every great storyline the protagonist has a mission. There’s always a compelling reason for the main character to get off the couch. If there were no mission then the story would be pointless.

CAUTION! HARD QUESTION AHEAD:  Do you have a mission in your own life or is your story pointless?

In order for your story to be compelling you must have a mission that is bigger than yourself. Pursuing personal pleasure is the classic recipe for a depressed and wasted life. But when we pursue a mission to help someone else we end up finding true happiness.

Throw your energy and resources behind an amazing mission like Amoveo Group, or Compassion International. Find a calling that you are passionate about and make it your mission!  

Manly vs Masculine

Do you know the difference between manly and masculine? They aren’t exactly the same.

The dictionary defines manly as “having qualities traditionally ascribed to men, as strength or bravery.” Masculine refers to features, hormones, and appearance.   

Manliness is what you do. You can increase your manliness by acting more manly. (Nurture)

Masculinity is how you’re made. You either have a deep voice and chest hair or you don’t. (Nature)

It’s important to understand the difference in order to realize you are free to be as manly as you want. There is no genetically-determined limit to how noble, brave, romantic, daring, courageous, or chivalrous you can be. These are manly virtues worth pursuing.

You might not have been born as masculine as some men, but that’s got nothing to do with your level of manliness. Likewise, just because you started shaving when you were 12 and you’ve got broad shoulders doesn’t make you manly either. You might look masculine, but whether you’re manly or not is determined by your actions.

A manly man protects his family, provides for them emotionally and financially, and dates his wife romantically. When it comes to manliness, never stop improving your game.exa

Camping With Kids

It’s one thing to go camping. It’s an entirely different thing to go camping with kids. My wife and I loved camping well before we had kids – real camping with tents and backpacks, not an RV. So when our first son was born we just kept right on camping. We bought a larger tent and put a foldable playpen inside. We had to pack diapers, baby foods, pacifiers, and wipes. We even put a small potty in a canoe so we could continue potty training him as we paddled and fished. By the time our second son came along, changing diapers beside of campfires and laying babies down for naps inside Coleman tents was business as usual. It’s just what we did. And when we woke beside mountain streams or looked at the stars from our hammocks it was always worth the hassle. The juice is worth the squeeze.

Camping with kids taught me that some of life’s greatest memories happen miles away from the nearest road, when it starts to rain and you string a tarp up over the fire, huddled together eating ribeye steaks with your bare hands and laughing together because you forgot to pack the forks.

My son, Braeden, cooking a trout over the fire.

My son, Braeden, cooking a trout over the fire.