20 Questions


How hard will your kids have to work to be as successful as you? How hard will it be to be as good of a husband as you? As strong? As manly? As kind?

Where are you setting the bar for the kind of man your daughter will marry? Will she be used to the man in her life not showing her respect?

Is your daughter going to naturally assume that her husband will bring her flowers and take her on dates based on what she grew up seeing? Is she being raised to think she’s worth being pursued?

Will your son think it’s perfectly normal to leer at women other than his wife? Is he learning by your example to over eat? Over drink? Blame and resent others?

Is he receiving the message that he has what it takes to be a great man? Or is he hearing that he’s worthless? That he’s dumb?

Will your kids think it’s bizarre to read biographies of great leaders? To exercise? Will they think it’s strange to talk about their failures, admit mistakes, and to get help?

How high are you setting the bar as a husband, a father, and a man?