Have a Little Pride

Have you noticed that more and more American men are completely ok with their wife being much more fit than they are? Soccer moms are filling CrossFit gyms, spin classes, and Spartan Races, and that’s a great thing! In no way am I saying that women should stop working out. I’m saying that men should step up their game accordingly. Instead, there appears among many men to be a total resignation of physical strength. They’re throwing in the towel.

This is the opposite of manly. 

Being a man means being able to protect, provide, and romance. If you can’t carry your wife out of a burning house or run for help in an emergency without going into cardiac arrest, then you are not being a protector.

We should encourage our wives and daughters in their pursuit of fitness, and we should raise the standard for ourselves too. 

Take pride in your family and yourself, and lead by example in all areas. Be the leader, the protector, the provider, and the romancer. If you’ve married a woman who is incredibly fit – then be glad, and join her in that CrossFit class and Spartan Race!