Pursuit of Happiness

Vacation, like other comforts, is a great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to stay there. My family took an incredible beach vacation last summer and it was amazing. But so was the return to yard work, school activities, and my workout group. This is because we weren’t designed to live forever eating ice cream and reading novels at the shore.

Comfort is a nice place to visit. But we would never feel deeply satisfied if we remained there permanently. A La-Z-Boy recliner is only good if you’re able to get up from it. It was designed to be used after the work was done.

Many people seek happiness in comfort. Comfort foods, extravagant purchases, personal pleasures, and self-medications are popular choices. But these indulgences only lead to emptiness, and depression.

Like eating too much ice cream, the sweetness of comfort will eventually leave you aching for something more substantial.

However enjoyable a comfort might be it is only good if it’s a temporary vacation from meaningful work.

True happiness comes from contentment and accomplishment. Fill your life with meaningful work and then happiness will find you whether you’re comfortable or not.