Designed For Outside


No one has ever said, “Go inside and get some fresh air, you’ll feel so much better.” 

When you think about it, your best vacations – perhaps your honeymoon – were centered around being outside at the ocean, or mountains, skiing, swimming, or just laying on the beach. Even when it’s freezing outside there’s something beckoning about an outdoor hot tub or just playing in the snow.

There’s something intrinsic within us that yearns to be outside. Magazines about the outdoors fill our waiting rooms. We strive for the office with a window.

Whether you believe we came from Adam and Eve or a monkey, we all agree we were meant to be outside. We were designed to live in a garden. On some level we all still feel this.

Yet today, electronic devices keep us indoors more than ever and our depression and addictions have skyrocketed. The answer to our problems isn’t a bigger house or nicer car. It’s a content and peaceful soul. And the peaceful, content soul we crave is best revealed in the sunlight coming through forest leaves, the moonlight over the ocean, and the starlight atop a mountain. No matter what you do, it’s better doing it outside - where we were designed to be.