About Your Bum Knee...

Ever see a guy drop a touchdown pass and suddenly come up with a limp? Like they’re trying to tell you they missed it due to an injury. Everyone knows that’s not why they dropped the ball. It’s just their excuse. It’s a “loser’s limp.”

Maybe you’ve got a bad knee that you use for an excuse, too. You tell people you can’t join them for a workout because you’ve got a bad knee or back. But let’s be honest, that knee injury doesn’t keep us from doing crunches, pull-ups, pushups, or 100 other exercises we could be doing. And that torn rotator cuff doesn’t prevent us from doing squat jumps, hill sprints, or flutter kicks either.

We’ve all got something that hurts. Find an exercise that you can do – and crush it! Go all in on it. Maybe all you can do is swimming. Great! Get after it!

Don’t use one injured body part as an excuse not to do anything at all. There are guys without legs doing triathlons; so focus on what you can still do, not what you can’t.