Just Like Brushing Your Teeth

What do dumbbells and a toothbrush have in common?

When I was learning judo, my instructor was correcting my form and showing me the right way to do a technique. I said something like, “That just doesn’t feel right.” He exploded yelling, “Well it is right, so who gives a flip how you feel!” Point taken.

The right path in life doesn’t always feel right either. Some things we should just do because they are right, whether we feel it or not. Like working out…or brushing our teeth, we should do them whether we feel it or not. 

You wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth just because you weren’t really feeling motivated. As men, we need to view exercise as equally important. I’m not saying we all need to be CrossFit warriors, but we absolutely better be able to do a few pull-ups and run a mile without having a heart attack.

Maybe if we viewed exercising as just another element of our basic hygiene we’d be in a lot better shape, and have a lot less health problems down the road. 

Change the way you view working out, and exercise whether you feel it or not.