There’s nothing superior about my family. We argue. We yell. We leave the bathroom messy, and we aren’t raising travel-sport phenoms. 

There’s really just one thing that makes us different – we know how good we have it. We’ve seen those who are truly in need, and once you’ve seen that, you can’t just tell your friend about it at Starbucks and then go on another magnificent family vacation. It makes you sit down, look over your finances, and say, “Ok, how can we make this happen?”

So if our possessions aren’t the latest or greatest, it doesn’t matter, because we aren’t comparing ourselves to our neighbors across the street. We’re comparing ourselves to the 3-generational family living in a tiny apartment together. We’re comparing ourselves to those without families at all. 

Once we realize that our first-world problems are a joke compared to what the rest of the world is going through we become free to use our resources to their fullest potential.

The thing that adoption taught me is this: A messy, arguing, average family has more to offer the world than they realize. 

Please consider being that messy, average, absolutely-needed family in a child’s life!