Do you know someone with serious anger issues? The anger itself isn’t the real problem; it's merely the indicator that a deeper problem exists. People who get angry over petty things have a deeper issue that is unresolved.

That unsettled issue will come bubbling out; it will manifest itself. For some people it takes the form of alcoholism or workaholism. For others it’s anger. People can use anger to self-medicate. It makes them feel better when they explode with rage. They actually get addicted to it.

The solution is not to manage the anger, but rather to find the underlying cause. When a man screams at strangers whose driving he doesn’t like, or at a child that spills a drink, chances are he’s got unspoken resentment towards his wife or anger towards his parents. He’s projecting all of those unaddressed feelings and bottled up emotions as anger towards innocent bystanders.

If you catch yourself completely losing your mind with rage over petty issues you need to take a serious look at the resentment, jealousy, or pain that you’re harboring. Confront the root cause and the anger will start to melt.