I use to think that only other people had problems with anxiety. Probably because I didn’t really understand what it was.

But that panicky, short-of-breath feeling like you're about to jump out of your skin and run away over a situation that makes you nervous…now that I could relate with. Oh, that’s anxiety!

If you listen to your anxiety and obey its commands, then it grows stronger. It learns that it’s in charge. And it will keep you in a cage that shrinks a little bit each day. The key to conquering anxiety is to run straight towards it. Force it into the cage.

Do the opposite of what anxiety tells you to do. Take a deep breath and approach that person, make that phone call, take the stand, speak out.

Like so many things, anxiety attacks us when we’re tired, hungry, or stressed. So the best defense is self-care. We can’t run ourselves ragged, over-worked, under-rested, eating fast food and expect to avoid problems like anxiety.

When we’re relaxed, well rested, practicing self-care, and eating healthy we’re a harder target for anxiety. But if it does slip into your day, do the opposite of what it wants.