Are You CMR?


Combat Mission Ready means you’re squared away in every category. You’re qualified, proficient, and healthy. Your medical, dental, financial, and legal affairs are all in order. You’re ready to go anywhere and accomplish the mission.

As men, we need to be CMR when it comes to leading our family, too. This means being squared away when it comes to eating healthy and exercising regularly. Financially, it means spending less money than we make and investing our savings wisely. And relationally it means taking your wife on regular dates so that your kids see what a healthy marriage looks like. 

Airlines tell us to put our own oxygen mask on before helping others. That’s good advice for life. You cannot lead your family to a place that you’ve never been yourself.

Running yourself ragged around your kids’ overly-busy schedule is not setting a healthy example. That’s like the pilot running around to help all the passengers before putting on his own mask. Taking care of yourself first will actually make you a better husband and father.

Get your health, fitness, finances, and marriage squared away. Only when you’re fully CMR can you effectively lead your family and accomplish any mission.