Are You Strategic In This Area?

I’m guessing that whenever you exercise you probably have a plan, right? There’s a muscle group you want to target, or a goal to specifically improve your endurance, speed, or strength. You wouldn’t walk into a gym and jump on the first machine that looks really interesting and new. Of course not! You would first determine your goal, and then choose the exercises that help you reach that end.

So why is it that when it comes to books so many men just read whatever someone hands them, recommends, or they see on the “new release” shelf at the store? We need to read as strategically as we exercise.

First we have to determine what area we want to improve. If we are passionate about improving our knowledge of early American history, politics, or apologetics, then we should strategically plan out which books we need to consume in order to master those subjects. 

It’s not easy to carve out the time to read. Your reading time is sacred so don’t squander it reading random books that you really don’t care about. Be selective in what you fill your mind and your time with. Read strategically.