Attic Therapy


Moving is a stressful event. But maybe not for the reasons you think. Sure there’s stress in transferring utilities and negotiating your mattress down the staircase, but it’s what’s in the attic that gets you fighting with your wife over stuff that doesn’t matter.

That’s because the attic is where we put things that we don’t want to deal with. Whenever we have something we really don’t want to discuss it goes into the attic with the noble intention of getting to it “someday.”

Life can feel manageable while all that baggage is hidden away and not discussed. But if we ever decide to move somewhere new then we’re forced to confront each unopened box and unfinished project, hold up each item to the light, and decide if it needs to remain in our life. 

Maybe your “attic” is a box under the bed. Maybe your “attic” is a death that you’ve never unpacked, or an abuse you’ve never confronted.

Moving is healthy. It makes us deal with what’s in our attic. And it’s all worth it when we arrive at a better place. Don’t let unresolved issues from your past keep you from moving forward in life.