Bad Math

Everything that we choose to do or say adds up. We all know that if we want to save money then we have to choose not to spend it all. Sounds simple, right? But that same concept also applies to our physical health and the quality of our relationships.

For example: It’s bad math to think that overeating (and drinking), + not exercising regularly will = being healthy. We can’t be healthy role models for our kids if these simple choices don’t add up.

It's also bad math to think that keeping secrets + telling lies will ever = a good relationship with your wife. It just doesn’t add up.

Some men are trying not to think about the sum at the bottom of their ledger. But the numbers don’t lie. If your marriage feels like it’s crumbling, or you consistently over spend your budget, you need to take a look at your small, daily choices, because they all add up.

Start framing each decision as a line item that either adds to or subtracts from your goals. Add up everything you do or say and see exactly what it equals. Then exercise, invest, communicate and date like your life depends on it.