Bite-Size Goals


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could do an Ironman triathlon. I thought my first 5K was a pretty big deal! But spectating at an Ironman event made me see that anyone could do it. Grandparents, school teachers, and average-looking dudes like me. 

So how did I go from a 5K to 140.6 miles? How do we humans make that leap? We start by realizing that if we can bike ten miles this weekend, then we could bike eleven miles next weekend. It’s really that simple. You break it down into small, attainable goals and focus on one week at a time.

It’s the same with quitting smoking. If today you had ten cigarettes, tomorrow have nine. It’s the way we make ourselves better at anything. Make a small goal. An easy goal. And nail it! Then set another one.

When overcoming adversity, you only need to make it through today. And if you can make it through today, then you can make it through tomorrow. This builds momentum and confidence. Add those little 2.5 pound plates to the barbell – not the big ones. True in the gym and in life.