Bring the Kids


Great men look for ways to include their kids in their hobbies. Life isn’t about you anymore. The day your first kid was born you went from leading role to supporting actor.

I love the shooting range, boxing, soccer, biking, trail running, kayaking, backpacking, fly fishing, and deer hunting. But if I tried to pursue all those hobbies by myself my kids would forget what I looked like. If I take my kids along and teach them these things, they become bonding activities that unite instead of selfish hobbies that divide.

 There’s nothing wrong with going for a jog by yourself. In fact, it’s important to have that alone time. But it’s also important to take them along more often.

It might not be easy having the kids in tow, but the benefits are worth the effort, and it does take work to make great memories.

When you include your kids in what you do, you’re showing them that they matter, they’re worthy, they are important to you. Plus, it teaches them new things, and over the long run cultivates in them a love for what you love, too.