Buying Happiness


The verdict is in – money can buy happiness. But maybe not in the way that you’d think.

There’s no item in the world that can bring happiness just by owning it. Buying a Breitling Transocean or a Mercedes-Benz GL63 won’t bring you lasting happiness. Sure these things make you feel good about yourself, but that’s different from happiness because that good feeling disappears when you take off the watch or when the car gets old. Poof! The feeling is gone.

There is however, a way to buy happiness that will last for the rest of your life. Want to know the secret? Buy memories.

Money spent creating fun memories really does buy lasting happiness. A beach vacation or Disney cruise while the kids are little will keep you smiling even when you’re in a rest home. And great memories don’t care how expensive something is. We’ve made priceless memories at the lake playing in a cheap, used ski boat. For the price of a Rolex just imagine the memories you could make bungee jumping in New Zealand*!

Forget watches and cars – buy memories! Go places and do things with the people you love. That’s how you buy happiness!



*So I’ve heard...