Manly vs Masculine

Do you know the difference between manly and masculine? They aren’t exactly the same.

The dictionary defines manly as “having qualities traditionally ascribed to men, as strength or bravery.” Masculine refers to features, hormones, and appearance.   

Manliness is what you do. You can increase your manliness by acting more manly. (Nurture)

Masculinity is how you’re made. You either have a deep voice and chest hair or you don’t. (Nature)

It’s important to understand the difference in order to realize you are free to be as manly as you want. There is no genetically-determined limit to how noble, brave, romantic, daring, courageous, or chivalrous you can be. These are manly virtues worth pursuing.

You might not have been born as masculine as some men, but that’s got nothing to do with your level of manliness. Likewise, just because you started shaving when you were 12 and you’ve got broad shoulders doesn’t make you manly either. You might look masculine, but whether you’re manly or not is determined by your actions.

A manly man protects his family, provides for them emotionally and financially, and dates his wife romantically. When it comes to manliness, never stop improving your game.exa

The Sum of Our Friends

We are the average of our friends. Each one of our friends either pulls us up or drags us down. Either they sharpen us into better men, or they dull us into uninspiring, lackluster guys. There’s no neutral ground. They are either one or the other. Stagnation is the same as being pulled down; only it’s stretched out over time. 

Look around at who you hang out with and see which direction they’re moving you.

One of my buddies is friends with a famous author and retired military general. Curious how they became friends, I asked my buddy how they met. He said that many years ago after hearing the general speak he just walked up to him and literally asked the general if he would mentor him. That is how you seek out men who will better you! That’s how you build a better tribe for yourself.

Seek out friends who will sharpen you. Surround yourself with the kind of men that inspire, encourage, and motivate you, not just guys that you happen to have known forever.

If you aspire to soar like an eagle you have to move out of the chicken coop.

The War On Men

There is absolutely nothing toxic about masculinity – or femininityIt’s actually the lack of these qualities that is toxic. We need more masculine men, and more feminine women, not confused individuals floundering somewhere in the middle.

As men we ought to be proud of our masculinity and bring its finest qualities to the surface. Real masculinity protects and provides for families. It takes the most dangerous jobs in society, and it literally builds civilizations.

Likewise, women should be proud of their beautiful and unique femininity and vigorously protect it from the confused men who attempt to hijack it.

A society flourishes when women do what they naturally do best, and men do what they naturally do best. No one wins when each gender does a semi-tolerable job of the others role just to prove they can do it.

There have always been evil men who cause harm, but there have always been more good men then there are bad. Don’t allow society to shame you into acting less masculine. Shine your light of masculinity into the darkness of gender confusion and misandry. Shine it bright and clear for our confused culture to see the example of a good man.