Do Your Own Laundry

Public Service Announcement for All Married Men: You have to act the way you want to be treated. You can’t act like a dependent child – by expecting your wife to do your laundry, make your food, wash the dishes – and then hope that she will treat you like an independent man. If you want her to act like she’s still your girlfriend (and I know that you do) then you have to act like her boyfriend.

Somewhere along the way men get lazy and complacent. They start treating their wife like she’s their mom; then they're perplexed that she’s not attracted to them anymore.

Here’s a hard-hitting fact: you should not need your wife. Despite how romantic it may sound – marriage is actually more romantic when both partners are independent, fully-functioning adults. They stop resenting, comparing, and whining. And that can be very attractive.

You should never expect to be thanked for doing the dishes. You wash the dishes simply because you own them. You do your laundry because it’s yours.

The simple act of becoming an independent man can have a huge return for you. Plus, it models a healthy relationship – which your kids will follow.

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