Men today live under a heavy compulsion to attend every single one of their kid’s sporting events. There’s huge dad-guilt from missing your kid’s game, and we like the idea that someday they’ll say, “My dad never missed a single game.”

But let’s be honest, there’s is a time and place when it’s okay to miss one game. I’m all for attending 98% of their stuff, but if there’s a rare opportunity to attend an event that will make you a better husband and father – take it. And don’t feel guilty about it. 

Take the long-term view and sacrifice seeing one of their 250 t-ball games now to invest in yourself with that event that will truly make you a better man in the long run.

Some men hide behind their kid’s activities so that they don’t have to take care of themselves; it’s the perfect excuse.

Sometimes our best move is to leave work early to be at their game. But sometimes our best move is to attend the parenting seminar or men’s conference that will benefit everyone. 

You will not scar your kid for life. Don’t sacrifice everything on the altar of perfect attendance.