Who's Dating Your Wife?


Guys today seem to have forgotten how to date. We’ve been allowed to get slack and it’s the fault of both women and men for letting it happen. Women have lowered their standards and let us get by with laziness. And we’ve acceded.

Dating is not the same thing as hanging out together. Watching Netflix together with pizza and wine is fun, but it ain’t a date. And your woman needs a date!

She needs it to be official. Which means you have to actually ask her on the date and you have to put a little bit of thought into it. Find a new restaurant, tuck in your shirt, wash your truck. These things let her know that she matters.

She wants you to pursue her. She wants to feel important.

You probably can remember a time when you used to do this, but maybe careers or kids slowly killed the dating side of you. It’s time to take your life back! Her needs haven’t changed; she’s just learned to live with your mediocrity.

Go buy some flowers and make dinner reservations, and start manning up when it comes to dating your wife. Live like you’re still in pursuit!