Do Hard Things

Michael Hans    has done a few hard things.

Michael Hans has done a few hard things.

Want to know the secret to happiness?  Do hard things. When we do hard things our brain releases endorphins that elevate our mood and make us happy.

Accomplishing a difficult challenge like restoring an old car, building a wooden picnic table, or yes, even running a marathon will produce a lasting pleasure that laying around watching Netflix can never deliver.

When a project that you’ve started gets harder than you realized you can either quit or stick with it. It’s going to be hard either way. The difference is hard now or hard later. If you decide to finish then it’s going to be hard now temporarily, but if you decide to quit you’ll be disappointed in yourself forever.

If choosing the easy way out brought happiness then no one with a couch and a pizza would ever be depressed. We essentially need challenges in our life. We’re designed to do hard things.

The world is full of sad, depressed people who fell for the lie that comfort would make them happy. Don’t fall into that trap. Do hard things.