Better Than Nothing

Ever skip a workout because you didn’t have time? Actually, what you didn’t have time for was your entire workout. We get locked into this “all or nothing” way of thinking when it comes to workouts.

We become so rigid when it comes to working out that if one little thing gets messed with the entire plan comes tumbling down. 

Let’s say you had wanted to go to the gym, but after a long phone call you only had 10 minutes left to workout. You’re tempted to cancel the entire thing, right? But why not go for a 1-mile run at your fastest pace or just do 10 minutes of burpees? 

You wouldn’t think “all or nothing” when it comes to eating or sleeping. If you don’t have time for a sit-down meal you’d still grab a snack.  If you stayed up until 1 a.m. you’d at least get in 5 hours of sleep. That’s because we view food and sleep and necessities. And we know they have a cumulative effect. Like investing for retirement, every little bit counts!

The same is true with workouts. View exercise as necessary as food and sleep. A little is better than nothing.

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