Don't Get Too Comfy


When it comes to comfort, we’re the cushiest humans in history. Never mind our entertaining tech toys, how about air conditioned houses – no splitting wood all summer. Or hot water heaters – no boiling water over the fire for a warm bath. Electric lights, washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, and indoor toilets! We achieve in seconds what the Pilgrims labored for hours to accomplish. 

Now that we can just sit at desks all day and have food delivered to us by tapping on our phones we must be the most joyous people in all of human history, right? Not even close.

We’re depressed, lonely, addicted, and complaining. It turns out that the rigorous, hand-callousing toil of our great-grandfathers actually made them happy. And it brought them together as a community - as a tribe. The La-Z-Boy life is incapable of producing the chemicals our brains need to feel true joy.

Don’t you love that feeling of exhausted accomplishment after a day spent working outside? It’s surprising how good we feel. When we pursue comfort, happiness will elude us. When we do good, hard work outside with our hands and our backs, happiness has a way of showing up unannounced.