Don't Shoot!


Picture yourself walking through a battlefield where your friends and family members are all lying around wounded. They’re alert and talking, but they have serious wounds that require attention. As you picture this scene, what is your reaction? Is it to help them or trample them? To yell at them or carry them?

The truth is, we do have friends and family that are very seriously wounded. Maybe they’ve suffered trauma or abuse. Maybe they’re battling depression, anxiety, or addiction. They’re alert and moving, but they aren’t living up to their potential.

The problem is that too often we men trample them instead of carry them to help. We act like super heroes when our loved ones are hurt physically, but we behave like villains when they suffer emotionally.

Dwight Carlson, M.D., explains in Why Do Christians Shoot Their Wounded that emotional and mental problems are real neurological conditions that require treatment; they are not just imaginary because we can’t see them.

It’s time to change the way we think about those who suffer from anxiety and depression. We need to help them as we would a buddy on the battlefield.