Endangered Species

Deer hunting with   my son, Luke

Deer hunting with my son, Luke

Masculinity is endangered. Sit-coms and commercials portray men as bumbling imbeciles. Action movies portray every agent or soldier as super-human killing machines. Neither of these depictions are accurate. They’re both caricatures created by (and for) people who have had little or no contact with actual men. They don’t know any soldiers, agents, or dads who are both loving and strong.

It’s like people are just guessing what men might be like based on things they’ve heard. Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne are just as far from reality as the sit-com dad who needs his wife to open a jar for him.

But let’s be honest, we’ve contributed to this tragedy. Had we set a better example there wouldn’t be these gross misrepresentations.

So in what ways are we fueling these ridiculously off-the-mark stereotypes? For starters, men are on their laptops instead of outside playing catch with their sons. Daughters see their dads watching TV more than they see them reading books. And men are looking at pornography instead of dating and romancing their wife. It’s little wonder we’re being portrayed as either weak or robotic.

If you want to change how society views men, change how your family views you.