Fat, Dumb, and Happy


There’s a saying in the Air Force that someone is “fat, dumb, and happy,” whenever they take a break from actively flying to momentarily look out the window. This often happens while someone is grabbing a bite to eat. 

For that moment they’ve stopped being a crewmember and become a passenger. Their head is not in the game as they take a break to enjoy the beauty of the world outside their window.

It’s ok to take a small break during a long flight, but if you spend too much time day dreaming out the window you’re going to drift off course – or crash.

Too many men are flying through their life fat, dumb, and happy while their relationships drift off course. They’re paying more attention to their football team then who their kids hang out with. They’re gazing at their phone and don’t notice they’re losing altitude at home.

As men, we need to pay attention to what’s truly important: family dinners, bedtime stories, date nights, and making fun family memories together. Don’t go through life fat, dumb, and happy thinking only of yourself. Stop daydreaming, and make a plan to get back on course.