Fly The Jet

Aviate. Navigate. Communicate. Every aviator knows that’s the correct order in which you do those three very important tasks. Yet many jets have crashed while the crew was busy looking at the charts or talking on the radio. While the things they were doing were very important they failed to do the one thing that was most important - fly the jet. 

As husbands and fathers we need to make sure we aren’t busy doing a lot of other very important activities while the one thing that is the most important in our life crashes and burns around us.  

We might be doing great things, and doing them very well, but if we put them before family, then we’re failing as men.

It doesn’t matter how great our golf game, trophy deer hunts, or promotions at work are; if we’re not dating our wife and spending quality time with our kids then we’re failing in the most important thing.

Family. Work. Hobbies. Every successful husband and father knows that’s the correct order of those three very important things. Recheck the calibration on your priorities so that the legacy you leave behind isn’t an example of how not to live.