Focus On Your Strength

If you’re anything like me, you hate to be terrible at something.  I lament the fact that I’m awful at auto repair and woodworking. I would love to be good at those things, and in the past, I’ve considered taking a class on them to improve in those areas.

But even if I took the classes, I still wouldn’t be as good at them as those who are really great. So I’d probably still wind up calling a pro to do the job. And all the while, I would be stagnating on my own strengths.

So here’s what I’ve learned: Stop trying to improve at things you suck at doing. That will only waste your time and make you mediocre at lots of things.  Focus instead on becoming even more incredible at the one or two things at which you’re already really good. Like the adage – Jack of all trades, master of none – we must resist the urge to do 23 hobbies poorly.

We need to embrace the outsourcing of our weak areas and pursue mastery of our strengths. Everyone around us wins when we do this!