The Fog of Depression

fog of war.JPG

Depression is a word that nobody likes to use and we hate to admit when we have it. However, it’s something most people experience. I’m not talking about a debilitating clinical depression, but rather that melancholy funk that grips us out of the blue and for no real reason.

We men really hate to admit when we’re depressed. Admitting depression is like admitting defeat. We even use combative language about it like we’re “battling” depression.

Whenever I’m depressed I feel a heavy inertia that makes it hard to get motivated to do anything. I feel despondent about things I usually enjoy.

It’s like being in a fog.

So handle depression the same way you’d handle being in a literal fog. Stay on course. Whenever you’re sailing or flying in a fog the worst thing you could do is start turning in new directions. You want to stay on your planned course.

Don’t make rash decisions that will alter your life while you’re feeling depressed. Stay on course.

Next you need to speak up. Talk about it with a friend or counselor. Sometimes just saying it all out loud can help to clear the fog.