Fun Takes Work

Ever notice that it takes work to do stuff that’s really fun?  I mean the kind of fun you’re still talking about 20 years later -- the paintball trip, the backpacking adventure, the beach vacation. These things take work to pull off, but they make the best memories. They make life awesome.

If you want to build life experiences for your family then you’ve got to do the work to make it happen. You can’t order them anything from Amazon that will even remotely compare to teaching them how to catch a fish and cook it over the fire you let them build themselves.

As we get older inertia seems to affect us more. It can be more difficult to load the car and drive to Wally World with each passing decade, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to start focusing on playing checkers just yet.

As men, we need to lead our families. Your wife might be a great vacation planner, but that doesn’t mean you get to sit and watch. (Maybe she’s only great at it because you’re not stepping up). It’s never too late to develop a fun side. You just have to work at it.

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