Get Your Shoes On


A few weeks ago our whole family was arguing. Everyone was irritable and unpleasant. Kids were scattered around the living room and kitchen on various electronic devices, and my wife and I were back and forth between our phones and raising our voices at our kids. It wasn’t pretty.

I believe deeply that we weren’t designed to live indoors staring at electric screens.

So I said, “That’s it! Everyone get on your shoes. We’re going for a walk.” There were a few grumbles, but within minutes we were all outside, and walking a trail beneath the trees.

The power that nature has to transform our moods is nothing short of miraculous. After listening to birds, looking at trees, and feeling the sun and wind against our skin, we were an entirely different bunch than we were before.

The therapeutic power of walking outside can transform us. It reinvigorates our souls and it releases our minds from their everyday indoor-worries. It’s earned the title “Great Outdoors” for a reason.

If your fast-paced schedule is squeezing the life out of you, and your kids are at each other’s throats, maybe it’s time you tell everyone to get their shoes on.