Pro vs. Amateur

Do you know the difference between a pro and an amateur? I bet you’re thinking it has to do with getting paid. But the money factor misses the bigger picture.

The real difference is how they view the task at hand. A pro views the job differently, and it’s that different view that leads to success. The view is this: Bring it every single day. Show up rain or shine, sick or healthy, and crush it. Period. The amateur brings it when he feels good and the weather is nice. He might be crazy good, but you can’t count on him when everything goes south.

When the chips are down the amateur moves on to something else they enjoy, but the pro will deliver, because that’s just what they do.

We all have the opportunity to be professionals when it comes to our families. We need to stop thinking like amateurs who bring home flowers and take the kids fishing once every three years when we “feel it.” We need to bring it every single day. We need to crush it. We need to go pro!