What Are You Pursuing?

Appetites are bottomless holes that can never be satisfied. Even the biggest, best meal you’ve ever eaten left you hungry again the next day.

We can never have enough money, sex, or promotions to satisfy us for good.  The appetite just comes back stronger, and you’ll need even more the next time. Carey Nieuwhof’s book, Didn’t See It Coming, explains that when we first get a little extra money we want more things, then we want better things, and eventually we’ll only want rare things. We can play this “more, better, rare” game with any hobby, object, pleasure, or vacation.

Men have ruined their lives in the relentless pursuit of more money, better houses, and exotic vacations, but this pursuit leaves us empty, unsatisfied, and alone. Ultimately, only the investments we make into the lives of others will bring joy to our hearts.

Imagine if you took your retirement account and used it to build a homeless shelter in your town or a medical clinic in Burkina Faso. If we took less tropical vacations but helped more orphans, would our lives be more or less fulfilling?

Don’t be just another guy chasing pleasures – be a man who changes lives.