How To Talk To Your Kid About Sex

Few things terrify men more than having to give “the talk” to their son or daughter. But when men are too scared to carry out their duties and take the easy way out they give away one of their best opportunities to speak truth into the life of their kids before culture swoops in to make a mess.

It’s an honor and privilege to be the person who explains one of childhood’s biggest questions.

First, thank them for asking you. Let them know that you’re glad that they brought this question to you.

Second, tell them you’d like to make this an ongoing conversation over the next few years. Instead of a one-time “talk” let them know that this can be the first of many conversations on this topic.

Third, don’t make them feel silly, guilty, or foolish - no matter what they say.

After that, just answer their questions 100% honestly. Explain the basics, and tell them why diseases and pregnancy make it so important to wait until marriage. Don’t try to sound cool. You’re the dad – it’s cool to be old fashioned!