With the dawn of air-brushed photos on magazine covers we all started feeling less content with our abs. With the publication of about fifty different hunting magazines we became discontent with the deer we shot. And thanks to media, I’m painfully aware that my house should be updated, my lawn greener, my teeth whiter, my kids busier, and my wallet fatter.

The entire foundation of advertising is to make you discontent with what you have. They have to convince you that you’d be happier with a new car, or non-stick frying pan, or whatever. Their job depends on it. (I won’t even delve into how pornography affects contentment).

But I want to let you in on a little secret: It’s all a big lie. None of that stuff will make you happier. Happiness comes from contentment and accomplishment, and comparing yourself to others will kill your contentment.

Contentment is something you should practice daily. Be thankful for the house and car that you do have. I practice being thankful for my dying lawn, outdated bathroom tile, my 2009 truck, and if I shoot any deer I’m thrilled.

If you ever want to achieve happiness then you must reject comparison.