Humility and Leadership

You don’t have to be a CEO or a military general to be a leader. Whether you’re a husband and father, or a member of a running club or church group, it’s good to refresh our minds on those make-or-break traits of a great leader.

Humility is one of those essential qualities. An outstanding leader is aware that they don’t know everything, and they aren’t afraid to admit it. They seek input from others and foster an atmosphere of learning and improving together.

As a general, George Washington set the example of humility by bringing in experts to train his army. There were areas in which he knew he was deficient, and he readily sought out those who were experts in those fields. Then as president, he refused the title “His Majesty” and the wearing of kingly attire. Instead he opted for the simple title “Mr. President” and wore the same civilian clothes as everyone else.

If you catch yourself thinking that you’re the one with all the ideas and answers – watch out! Remember: Everyone you meet knows something that you do not.

Be a humble leader, and let it be others who build your monuments.