Respect and Leadership

We’ve all had a boss that we didn’t respect. Think about why you didn’t respect them. Maybe they were dishonest, rude, or arrogant. Maybe they were lazy or spineless. Whatever the reason might have been, if you didn’t respect them then they weren’t a good leader.

Think about the people in your life that you lead. Maybe it’s a team of employees, or maybe it’s your family. Do you show them respect? Do you respect their boundaries, personal space, and individual preferences? Or are you trying to make them do things the way you do, and keeping them from being unique individuals?

If you don’t show respect to others, then you aren’t worthy of theirs.

To be a good leader you also have to respect yourself. By taking care of your body with exercise and nutrition, and by standing up for what you believe, and not allowing people to trample your rights, you demonstrate by your actions that you respect yourself.

If you don’t respect yourself then neither will anyone else.

Respect is essential to leadership, and it must be earned as well as given, if we are to be leaders at work, and more importantly in our homes.