Marriage Counseling


Let’s face it, no one wants to go to counseling. It means we need help, and we like to think we can fix our own problems. But let’s be honest – there are some things we can’t do by ourselves.

We all have certain things that we outsource to professionals. Like overhauling a transmission or removing a giant oak tree that’s growing 10 feet from our house. Sometimes you need the help of a pro who specializes in that one thing and has the very specific tools required.

My truck and my house are too important to risk tinkering around with them myself. It would be foolish of me not to hire a pro.

Same goes for marriage. It’s too important not to hire a pro.

The specialized tools of a counselor are their outside perspective of where you are and their insight into where you’re headed. Much like needing a GPS when you’re lost, you need a counselor when your marriage seems lost.

Personally, going to counseling was one of my best moves. It saved my marriage, it showed me a better path, and it ultimately changed the trajectory of the lives of everyone in my family.