Working Out With a Navy SEAL


A while back, I had the opportunity to work out with author and Navy SEAL, Chad Williams. He was speaking in our town, and my buddies and I asked him to lead us in a workout the next day.

Now we didn’t have any illusions of actually keeping up with him; we just wanted to see how long we could last. Sort of how you feel when approaching a mechanical bull. We knew it would be an epic beat down.

We were not disappointed.

Standing in the wet grass on a Saturday morning, we went through sets of squats, jumping jacks, pushups, and arm-haulers (those were especially nasty) so fast that it seemed impossible to keep up with him. He never slowed down for a second. We did 500 pushups and squats that day! Then Chad topped it off with 100 pull-ups. Some of us managed to hang with him for a few of those.*

Here’s what it taught me: Sometimes we need an outsider to shake things up and keep us from getting complacent. If we feel like big fish in our little ponds, maybe we need a SEAL to jump in and raise the bar a little.


*My neighbor, Mike (far right), actually completed all 100 pull-ups, but I don’t think he could lift a cup of coffee the next day.