No Shortcuts

By the time we realize we're lost, we've probably been lost for a long time already. By the time we realize that we're eating too much or not working out enough, we've already been living that way for quite a while.

Here's the thing: We're not going to instantly fix a problem that it took a long time to create.

I can easily gain 20 pounds in one year if I'm careless with the pizza and beer. But when I start eating healthy and working out, I'm frustrated if I'm not back in shape within 3-4 weeks.

If it took a long time to get into the mess, then expect it to take some time to get out of it.

The same goes for addictions as well as marriage problems. A problem that was years in the making won't be suddenly rewritten with a happy ending after one seminar or counseling appointment.

However, when we stay the course and work the program not only will the improvement come, but it will also last. Be glad there are no quick fixes or shortcuts, because it's in the journey back that we truly learn how to live.