One Degree Off


When you’re flying it doesn’t take much to end up way off course. Just being off your heading by one degree over a long enough period of time will put you miles away from your destination. For every sixty miles that you fly - when you’re off by just one degree - will equal being one mile off course. In aviation that’s called the 60-to-1-rule.

The same is true in life. Being off course a little each day, over the course of several years will put you miles away from being the man you wanted to become. Overeating and skipping workouts might seem only slightly off course, but that behavior over years will take you far away from the man you want to be. Looking at porn might seem like being only one degree off heading, but that behavior over the long-term will transport you farther off course than you realize.

You don’t have to make a colossal turn in the complete wrong direction to ruin your life; it’s those small everyday choices that can destroy us. Stay on course with the small things, and become the man you want to be - one degree at a time.