Out of the Dark


What do you do whenever you run into something that you’re not good at? Maybe a spin class that kicks your butt, or that musical instrument you started to learn how to play. We all have things we’ve gotten ourselves into that turned out to be a lot harder than we had realized.

Walking out of a dark theater into the midday sun hurts your eyes and you want to shrink back inside to the comfortable darkness. The same is true when we encounter something that shines a light on a weakness. We want to run away from it because it shows us for what we really are.

It’s easier to ignore the shortcoming and stick with what you’re good at. That way you never have to acknowledge the deficiency. You can go on pretending you’re the man. When you avoid the uncomfortable light of difficult new things your world gets smaller. You’re like a trapped rat hemmed in to a dark corner by rays of brilliant light.

But if you’ll embrace the discomfort of the arduous new challenge then your world will expand. You’ll grow with a newfound confidence and enjoy a life that is both large and bright.