Own Your Mistakes


All men have things in their past they wish they could change. Anyone who says they have no regrets is either lying or a fool. Learning from our mistakes, from our failures, and our sins is a vital part of growth and maturity.

I have lots of regrets and I’ve learned from each of them. I’m a better man as a result of the process.

Tragedy occurs when a man attempts to cover up his flaws. Hiding our regrets in the dark allows them to grow. It allows them to haunt you. Shame thrives on secrecy, and it can grow to epic proportions when we pretend it’s not really there.

Own your story. Whatever it is, whether it’s noble or shameful, tragic or heroic, it is your story. It’s a part of the narrative that shaped you into who you are today. Own your story; pass it on to younger men so that they might avoid similar pitfalls. No one benefits when you pretend to be perfect.

If you love your sons and daughters you’ll shine your light on the hazards that caused you to wreck. To do otherwise would add another regret to your list.