Get In The Game

I know men whose wife is: raising the kids, buying the clothes, choosing the vacations, managing the finances, planning the meals, monitoring their husband’s cholesterol, and she’s working out every day!

This begs the question: What on earth is he doing? He’s working a lot and making pretty good money, but is that really the extent of what he perceives his role to be? If so, then he’s a benefactor - not a husband; a donor - not a dad.

Being a man means a lot more than providing a paycheck. We need to get off the couch and get involved with our family. Society has lied to us; watching other men play sports isn’t manly. It’s passive, and real men reject passivity.

We need to take our daughters shopping, take our sons to a man’s barbershop, and buy a meal we love and cook it for the entire family. We should know the names of our kid’s teachers, friends, and pediatrician.

Sadly, there are plenty of married women who are doing the work of a single mom because their husband is zoned out on the couch. As American men, we can do better than this!