Reach Out

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When I was a lifeguard I once saw a man slip beneath the surface. There was no splashing or yelling. I wasn’t even sure if he was really drowning – until he reached out his hand. 

We instinctively know that a drowning person cannot save themselves. The help of others is required. 

Addiction, depression, anxiety, and anger are much the same way. We can’t use the sheer force of our will to overcome these problems. We must acknowledge that we’re powerless on our own and reach out for help.

If you think asking for help shows weakness – think again. Even the toughest dudes on earth do not hesitate calling in for air support. Every special forces operator knows to rely on a battle buddy, and every downed airman knows to radio in for search and rescue immediately. Only a fool would ignore assistance and choose to struggle alone.

Don’t be the guy who refuses to reach out to the rescue helicopter even though he’s drowning. Be the guy who gets help, gets stronger, and then comes back to assist others.

Reach out for help.