Alright guys, we need to talk about porn. It’s not harmless. It’s not something all guys do. And it’s not “just looking.” It actually rewires the neuronal pathways in your brain.

And oh yeah, it’s also extremely addictive. More addictive than crack cocaine. That’s because cocaine will eventually leave your system, but pornographic images can stay with you forever. This is according to Mary Anne Layden, of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Cognitive Therapy, who has labeled porn the "most concerning thing to psychological health that I know of existing today."

This is a serious problem.

Ultimately, porn leads to dissatisfaction with real life. Eventually you’ll be dissatisfied with yourself and with your wife. Maybe not at first, but eventually it’s inevitable. You can’t argue with neuroscience. And that will lead to depression, which will make you turn to more porn. Eventually it won’t be enough.

Don’t give porn any place in your life. Don’t settle for a sad vicarious life, proven to lead to depression and addiction. Do real things. Real sex with a real woman. It might not look as perfect as porn, but it’s real. And real is amazing. Real is beautiful. Real is healthy.