Sex Addiction

Of all addictions, sex addiction is the most secretive. It’s driven to secrecy by a culture of shame. We applaud when people announce they’re a recovering alcoholic, but we squirm uncomfortably if they say they’re a recovering sex addict.

But here’s the irony. Addictions to sex or porn are estimated as the most common and fast-spreading addiction in our society. It is literally a public health epidemic.

Here’s why it’s dangerous: Addictions require the user to escalate in order to continue getting their fix. The old stuff doesn’t provide a thrill anymore. This is how bizarre fetishes, and attractions to animals and children develop. These things don’t happen overnight.

I talked with a man arrested for child porn, and he was disgusted with the stuff.  He didn’t like where his addiction had taken him, yet he felt unable to stop. He was no longer in control.

With each progression, the user is less able to enjoy normal sex in a healthy relationship. Sex addictions and pornography kill real love.

If you compulsively have sex with strangers, or view pornography though you don’t even want to, then you’re dealing with addiction. Reach out now; it’s never too late to find freedom!