Dave Grossman’s influential book, On Combat, delivered the notion that there are three kinds of people: wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs. Wolves are evil people. Sheep are the average folks. Sheepdogs are those who stay alert to the wolves and are willing to fight to protect the sheep.

All husbands and fathers need to be sheepdogs. We should be alert defenders whose eyes are wide open to the evil that exists in this world and who will not hesitate to meet that evil with a violence of action. For unlike sheep, the sheepdog has large canines and powerful jaws. They are wired to protect.

While sheep need the sheepdog, they are also unnerved at the mere sight of them because they serve as a reminder that evil exists. And sheep would rather pretend there is no danger so they can be oblivious and happy.

We men don’t get that luxury. We can’t bury our head in the sand and pretend that bad guys don’t exist. We’re wired to protect.

Over the next three weeks I’ll cover some specific ways to become a better sheepdog.

Strong dads make strong families, and strong families make a strong nation.