Sheepdogs III: Wives & Guns

I know men who don’t own a firearm simply because their wife is afraid of guns.

If your wife were afraid of water would you forbid your entire family from ever going to the pool? Or would you teach them how to swim?

You should have a healthy respect for the dangers of water, but you should also learn to swim in it, because it’s a skill that might save your life someday.

The same is true for guns. A man who doesn’t own a gun simply because his wife is afraid of them isn’t helping anyone. He’s allowing fear, rather than logic, to rule. He’s enabling her phobia.

Sheep are afraid of fangs because they associate them with wolves. But disarming the sheepdog is not the right answer.

As men it’s our job to protect our family from evil people. And evil people do exist.

If your wife is afraid to have a gun in the house, respect her feelings, but ask her to also respect your role as sheepdog. And as for that water analogy, inform your wife that swimming pools are far more deadly than firearms.

When it comes to protecting your family – follow your sheepdog instincts.